Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes our practice with regard to your personal data at any time when you interact with our Services through the website or through any other software product of our company.

By using or accessing CloudVPN services, you agree to provide us with your Personal Data to the extent specified in this document and allow us to process the information provided in the manner described below.

The terms of the agreement for collecting, storing and sharing the personal data of CloudVPN users have been developed and tested for compliance with laws in different jurisdictions. Thanks to this, we have sought to ensure that the use of our personal information protection products is in accordance with your expectations of possible legal consequences. Speaking about the fact that we do not transfer data to third parties, we want to be sure that we will be able to fulfill this condition if we receive a request from special government services. To this end, we describe the current confidentiality conditions that serve the purposes of promoting freedom of access to information (avoiding information inequality) and protecting the right to privacy.

1. Failure to store the following user’s personal data

CloudVPN officially and with full responsibility declares the refusal to save the following data in any (explicit or implicit) form:

  • IP address of the visitor of the site;
  • The IP address of the web resource to which the user connects through the CloudVPN service;
  • User’s identification data;
  • Any information that users transmit or receive when they connect to our service.

We also declare every possible opposition to the storage of data listed above by a third party, regardless of its organizational, legal or political affiliation.

2. Processing of user’s personal data

We do not store any other personal data than those described in paragraph 2.1. This means that servers that are outside the jurisdiction of the CloudVPN registration country do not store any information regarding user interaction and network activity. Thus, we protect the data of our users from leakage in case of interference from the government of the region, under the jurisdiction of which the physical location of the CloudVPN equipment is falling.

2.1 Definition of “Personal Information”

By “Personal Data” we mean any information about users and their network activity. Personal data includes registration data for access to software products and associated CloudVPN network resources; any network activity data related to the user’s Internet connection settings for CloudVPN servers.

On our CloudVPN servers, only the e-mail is stored which serves to send the activation code used by users to identify in the services.

2.2 Description of the data of the user electronic connections

Below is a complete list of data related to the user activity that is stored in our system.

Attention! We do not store or track which resources you visit!
Items Application Source / Saving
IP address and start / end time of the VPN session. Required. Used with the server ID and access time to counter hacker attacks. Automatic collection. Storage for 90 days.
The amount of data used during the current month. It serves to identify the user in the Services. Automatic collection. Storage during the current month.

2.3 Using personal data to counter hacker attacks and other violations of the rules of using the service

To counteract hacker attacks and protect personal data from hacking, we follow the “Terms of Service”. We are reviewing the third party’s allegations of a possible violation and sending a warning to the offender. After considering the application for violation of the rules for using the CloudVPN service, access to the account of the intruder may be blocked. For more information about the rules for using the service and the conditions for blocking access, see “Terms of Service”. To identify an intruder, we use the IP address and connection time.

Under no circumstances do we voluntarily provide personal information to our users to a third party. And in the case when the storage period is over, we exclude this possibility altogether, since we can not have this data.

3. Processing data when performing payment transactions

During execution of payment for our service, the processing system requests payment details of bank cards or other registration data (depends on the method of payment). We do not store payment information for our users. The CloudVPN billing system receives only the response from the processing system about the result of the payment transactions. Thus, in our system we only reflect the fact of payment in the form of the financial transaction date and the transaction number for each registered account. The transfer of user data during payment is securely secured by the SSL certificate. Our users should be aware that the fact of a paid operation (which indicates the use of the CloudVPN service) can be disclosed by the processing system under the pressure of special services.

4. Conditions for making changes and additions to this page.

We keep the history of changes to this document. When making changes, we guarantee the absence of contradictions between the new version and the terms of previously published documents. Each document has its own version and time (until the next minute), from which the new rules come into force. We undertake to notify users of any changes made to this document by email at least one day before the effective date of these changes.

As of 10/02/2018