Answers to frequently asked questions

Main Questions

What is VPN?
VPN is a Virtual Private Network that allows accessing the Internet through an encrypted channel via a remote server. The user’s IP in this case is changed.
Who needs VPN?
VPN may be useful for those who want to have unhampered access to information. Those concerned about data privacy. And those who need anonymity.
On how many devices can it be used?
One license allows using VPN on 6 individual devices.
How many servers are available?
We provide to our users 95 servers in 41 countries. You can find the complete list by following the link.
Are my actions logged?
Our service does not keep logs of users’ activity.
Do you have traffic restrictions?
Our service does not have traffic restrictions.
Is p2p and torrent traffic allowed on your servers?
This type of traffic is allowed, but not on all servers. You can see the list of servers that support p2p and torrent traffic at:
I have websites blocked, can I visit them through your service?
If a resource is blocked in your country, or in your network, in most cases you will be able to access it by using VPN.
Do you have a trial period?
Yes. You can get a 24 hours trial subscription. To request your trial period, please use the link.

Technical Issues

What connection protocol do you use?
We use OpenVPN and IPSec.
Does the speed of Internet connection drop when VPN is used?
When VPN is used, the connection speed may somewhat drop down. However, we do not limit the connection speed intentionally.
How to use your VPN on Windows?
To do this, download our app CloudVPN for Windows. The application supports Windows versions starting with Windows Vista.
How to use your VPN on macOS?
To do this, download our app CloudVPN for Mac. The program supports versions of Mac OS X starting from V10. 11 El Capitan.
Can I use your service on my smartphone?
Our app is available for Android and iOS. You can download it here: Android, iOS.
Can I use OpenVPN GUI to work with your service?
Yes, you can. You can download the configuration files by following the link.

Payment Issues

How much does your VPN service cost?
The following prices apply to our services:
1. 4.16$ per month in the “Year” rate plan (payment for 12 months, totaling 49.9$);
2. 5.99$ per month in the “Halfyear” rate plan (payment for 6 months, totaling 35.9$);
3. 9.99$ per month in the “Month” rate plan (payment are made monthly).
Free test period is also available.
How can I buy VPN access?
To buy subscription, specify your email address, and pay for your order using the most appropriate method. After successful payment, an activation code will be sent to your email. You can see the rates and purchase VPN by following the link.
From what country can I make payment?
To be able to make payment, you will need an Internet connection; we have no restrictions on the countries the subscription may be purchased from.
What do I get after payment?
After payment you will receive an activation code and connection instructions.
How long shall I have to wait for my paid order?
Code arrives automatically within a few minutes after payment.
Can I return my money?
Refund is not provided, however, if you want to test our service and decide whether it is that you want or not, you can use our free test period.
I want to renew my subscription?
After license expiration, you can purchase a new code from our website.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We provide more than forty methods of payment including: bank cards (VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay), Bitcoin, Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money, AliPay, payment through payment terminals, Bank transfers and payment through mobile communication shop networks.