Terms of Use

The service is intended for use only for purposes not contradicting current legislation of the country of its use and the country of the server selected for connection.

The service and software are provided in accordance with international rules “AS IS”. The author and CloudVPN company, as well as the owner of cloudvpn.pro website and the developers bear no responsibility for the damage caused by the software downloaded from cloudvpn.pro, as well as its parts. We are not responsible for loss, damage or theft of data resulting from the use of our services.

The user takes a decision whether to use our service or not at their own risk and peril.

The user bears full administrative and criminal responsibility for all actions.

This offer can be changed any day without notice to the user.

Illegal actions, such as SPAM, flood, port scanning, uploading and downloading materials protected by copyright law are strictly prohibited on servers that we provide. This also applies to hacking, DDoS attacks and any other actions that can be complained about.

Please do not use our service if you are not sure about the legitimacy of its use. We recommend you to seek legal advice before using our service.