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The easy-to-use Cloud VPN stands for unlimited traffic at high speed. Experience enhanced security, since all data transmitted between your device and the server are securely protected using a symmetric algorithm of AES block encryption.

  1. Buy an activation code from the purchase page.
  2. Download and install CloudVPN for Android.
  3. Enter the activation code on the start screen.
  4. Connect to any server.
  5. Surf Internet safely and anonymously.

App for Android 5.0 and above | Version: 1.9.1 | Size: 14 mb | Release on: Mar 15, 2020

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Who needs VPN?

Those who believe that everyone has the right for free Internet and free access to information. Those who want to securely protect their data. Those who need anonymity.

  • AES-256 encryption
    This algorithm is used by intelligence agencies, military and state structures of various countries. It is also used by us.

  • Protection from hackers
    You often connect to public Wi-Fi and shared hot spots? With CloudVPN, the data transmitted over the network is available only for the recipient.

  • Servers on various continents
    Change your virtual location at any moment. Connect to one of the 92 servers in 34 countries.

  • DoubleVPN – double protection
    One protected channel is not enough? CloudVPN will create an additional encrypted tunnel between its servers. Try the double protection and anonymity.

  • Any resource is now available
    You can’t download music, a movie, a book, or can’t read an interesting article due to blocking? Connect to our service to remove any restrictions.

  • Anonymity
    We value the user’s right to privacy. Therefore, our service does not keep any logs. This fact is confirmed by our reputation.