Answers to frequently asked questions

Main Questions

Why do I need a VPN at all?
VPN solves a number of problems: gaining access to blocked sites (social networks); anonymous access to web resources; access to geo-targeted media content (hulu, spotify, rhapsody, etc.); data protection when public Wi-Fi hotspots are used. Generally speaking it is a useful thing.
Are my activities logged?
Clients’ security and anonymity is the main priority of our company. This is the reason why we do not store any data that would allow identifying the users, or track their activity in the Internet. For more details, see our Privacy Policy.
What is Double VPN?
The Double VPN technology allows using two different servers for anonymous and secure Internet access. The user connects to a server in one country (e.g. in Russia), and goes online from a different server (for example, in the USA). Traffic between the servers is encrypted, and the IP address of the user is changed twice.
Is special knowledge required for configuring VPN?
Configuring VPN does not require special knowledge and skills — we have developed detailed illustrated instructions, which will allow even a child to easily configure VPN on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone!
Is p2p and torrent traffic allowed on your servers?
On some of our servers, access to Torrent and P2P traffic is blocked. A detailed list is available at webpage

Technical Issues

What OS or platform can VPN client be installed on?
Our service runs on almost any OS and platform. Currently our service operates under the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android OS, Wi-Fi router and all other devices which support OpenVPN and L2TP\IPSec.
I have an anti-virus/firewall installed. Will I be able to use VPN?
Yes, sure. As a rule, no settings should be changed in the computer security software. But if the antivirus or firewall blocks the connection, please contact our technical support team, and they will help you to resolve the issue.
Which is better: PPTP VPN or OpenVPN?
Our service only uses OpenVPN, as VPN PPTP or L2TP are not considered to be reliable enough.
Dies the speed slowed when working via VPN?
Connecting via a VPN server may slightly slow down your Internet connection and ping; it all depends on how remote the chosen server is. The closer the chosen server is to you, the faster the Internet connection.
What protocols and ports are used?
All the servers use only standard protocol 443, as this will ensure maximum compatibility with your ISP. The protocol connects TCP.

Payment Issues

How can I buy VPN access?
Click “Prices”, select your rate plan, and enter the email you want to receive the activation code to after payment. Click “Buy”, select the payment method and make payment. After payment, the activation code will be sent automatically to your email.
What are payment methods?
We accept over 40 payment methods. Bank payment cards (VISA, MasterCard), Bitcoin, payment by electronic money Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money. Payment via payment terminals. Payment by bank transfer, via a network of mobile communication outlets, and many other ways.
What country can I make payment from?
We accept payments from any country where electronic money, bank cards and banks are used.
What do I get after payment?
After payment, an email will be automatically sent with the activation code for downloading configuration files, or activating the application.
How long do I have to wait for my paid order?
After payment, your order will arrive immediately. In some cases, you will have to wait for 5-30 minutes.
Is it possible to make an anonymous payment?
We do not store data about your payments. If you want to pay anonymously, select a payment method that you consider anonymous. For example, payment via payment terminals.
Can I return my money?
Due to the risks in our work, refunding is not possible.

Configuration VPN

How can I start the VPN client (OpenVPN GUI) with administrator privileges?
On Windows, the client will rub correctly only with administrator’s privileges. For this purpose, right-click on the OpenVPN GUI shortcut, and select >run as administrator. In order not to perform these steps every time, select “properties”, then “compatibility” tab and tick “Run as administrator”. After that, the application will always be started as administrator.
How to make the application (OpenVPN GUI) auto start in Windows?
OpenVPN GUI can be made to start along with Windows, connect to the preset server and to minimize in the background. To do so, open a registry editor, such as the standard “regedit” utility, click Start, run regedit.exe. In the registry editor, go to path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, create a string parameter with any name, for example “CloudVPN” specify the value like: “C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin\openvpn-gui.exe” — connect VPN_3079-9427-7385-6059_BG_udp.ovpn, where “C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin\openvpn-gui.exe” is the full path to the OpenVPN client (always with quotes) your path may be different.
Then connect, which means a command to connect to the server and VPN_3079-9427-7385-6059_BG_udp.ovpn is the name of the server with extension .udp.
Your server name will be different.
What should I do with received configuration files (for OpenVPN GUI)?
The received key files (configuration files) are secret files that enable OpenVPN client working through our anonymous servers. The received ZIP archive is to be unzipped, and the files are to be moved to folder “config” in path: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config for Windows, or set the path to unzipped files in iOS, Android, Wi-Fi router.
More information is available in the instructions.
How do I connect to the server? (OpenVPN GUI)
Run the OpenVPN GUI application on Windows as administrator; the program will immediately go to the background mode with a gray icon displayed in the lower right corner of the monitor. Right-click on the icon in the system tray, move the mouse to the server you wish to connect to, select “connect”, and wait some time for connection. Upon connection, the icon will change color from gray to green. Yellow icon color denotes the connection process.